Monday, December 26, 2011

The heart is heavy....

I received a phone call last weekend after the successful Durian Fest that makes my heart heavy. Someone I care about is terribly sick and since he is warded at the CCU of a hospital and I am not an immediate family member, I cannot go and visit. However, should l even go if I could?
I wished I dont feel this way, wanting to go and yet dont know how to explain the relationship to warrant such visit and l am not even obligated to go. But the heart is oh so heavy with the news....
It's difficult when you are no longer in a relationship but still have some remnants of feelings for that person. When that person is in some difficulties, you wished you could be there but you are scared of the consequences of it. Will you be strong enough? Will the heart goes haywire after that? Ot will it be purely pity?

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