Monday, June 6, 2011

Dont you just hate this feeling?

You know the early stages of a relationship where you wonder whether that person returns your feelings and whether you are the only one feeling this way and the other probably doesn't? each move he/she makes will spur you to analyse with minute detail of the significance and meaning behind such move, every sms or emails or phone calls or words said analysed like CSI series if possible, under the microscope? Well, I hate this feeling!!!!! The worst part is, we go through this stage everytime! Why can't we just skip this stage? No matter how old you are (or the possible partner is), you still go through this nerve wrecking stage and spend hours wondering. Dont you just hate it?

The endless questions you ask yourself, or your (unfortunate) friends on whether that person returns your feelings and what to do about it etc...I guess we all go through this stage of a relationship because it is a stage that we have to go through. Kind of like a workflow that we create for work purpose.

My friend, Ms J is going through this stage and I am sure she hates it. So do I Ms J, so do I. I guess for those who are already in relationships, must be thankful that the whole "does he like me?" stage is over and that you are secure in your knowledge that your spouses or partners do love you!

However, having said that, what is the alternative then? Is there one? Not get involved at all and just live our lives not knowing the feeling of love and loss?

As much as I hate this feeling of uncertainty, l'd rather go through it then to live my life not experiencing love at all. It comes with a risk of losing of course, but hey...nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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  1. hehehe...kak emy...yes, i can feel that too.. damn annoying :)