Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The yearning...

In a few days it will be one year to the day that I began my spiritual journey. 14 Nov to be exact, was the day that my brother, parents and me started our pilgrimage to Makkah to perform our hajj.

I was having dinner with my uncle and auntie yesterday and we were talking about hajj and such. God I miss the experience! I miss gazing at the beautiful Kaabah. I miss Nabawi mosque. I miss everything and the yearning is so strong! I mean, the pilgrimage was not without its trials and tribulations of course but still, it's an experience that I want to go through again and again.

I remember the feeling of not being prepared and scared before I started the hajj. The thoughts of me having committed a lot of sins and thus, not good enough to perform my hajj took centre stage and still fresh in my mind. Well, alhamdulillah, those things are behind me now and I did it! So, my advise to those still unsure, just do it! Make some preparations and do it. It is not easy to get the 'invitation' by Allah, so if you did, just take up the invitation.

How I long for the day for me to go again. It's like there's a siren calling me, making me yearn to see the holy kaabah again. I pray that Allah will grant me the invitation to go again and soon.