Friday, February 4, 2011

Who are our friends and relatives?

My mum has been sick since mid Nov (Eid Adha - the religious event for Muslims where we sacrifice animals to profess our beliefs in Allah). So far she has been in 4 hospitals. At times like this we know who our friends and relatives are. Real friends and relatives are those who stand by you in times of need and grief. I can actually count who my friends and relatives are. It makes me wonder, out of all my supposed 'friends' and people who are related to us, who are really those that we can count as friends and relatives? Not many I can tell you that!

My sister once updated her FB and said that when you are old, sick and has no money, then you know who are friends and relatives. This is sooooo true akak!

People as close as your own flesh and blood may not even be willing to sacrifice their time (not even money ok) to drop by and say hello. Nak tolong jaga jauh sekali! Not even a phone call once in a while to ask how she is. Maybe their phone credit is too precious to dial my dad's number? Hmm... I wonder what my mum thinks about all these. She must be sad that her own relatives don't care enough. I am sure she is not asking for much, not even your money. Just some of your time. My dad also told me one day, he is sad that people we call our relatives don't even bother. Whereas, (some) friends go all out to come visit, to offer advice and prayers, call or sms several times or even asked through Facebook.

It begs the question then - who are our friends and relatives?

I'd like to thank my friends who have been there with me throughout this trying time. It takes so much patience and emotional strength to take care of the sick and I am thankful that I have a few who constantly remind me to be strong. May Allah repay you tenfold for your good deeds. It is not the money you spent on cards or fruits or sms or calls, it is the sincere thoughts and the time you sacrifice that matter. I know who my friends and relatives are now. It is a sad truth but there it is. I hope that I will be there for you as much as you have been there for me and insyallah I will not forget.

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